Monday, June 28, 2010

Weekend Wind Down

What a busy two days! The boys had their birthday parties on Saturday, Sunday we hit the farmer's market and trekked out to Grandma's for dinner, and then we got to play with the Gordon girls while they were in town for a sleepover!

At Grandma's Grace was sneakier than usual, and managed to liberate one of Grandma's dolls from the curio cabinet! She's been plotting the jailbreak for about a year.

She and Hayden played nicely together at the piano. I can't wait for ours to arrive :) (hint, hint Jeff)

Hayden loved having Hannah and Elena to play with. Katie & I loved that they could play upstairs and we could have a chat with only the smallest child climbing on us. We're hoping to see more of the girls this summer - we're heading to Newport for a trip to the aquarium, and they need to come back here to zoo and OMSI.

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