Sunday, July 25, 2010

Gracie's Big Girl Room

With nothing scheduled for this weekend, and a girl who's been falling out of her crib...we decided to upgrade Grace's room.

The beige walls went pink, the bed which lowers to the ground moved in, the crib & changing table were pushed aside, and I repurposed some old furniture to look

Jeff's grandpa made us a dresser and a bookshelf years ago, and since he never got to meet Grace, I wanted to keep some of his things in the room. The bookshelf got painted white, as did the dresser.

On the dresser drawers I went a little Martha and decopaged fun fabrics to go with the happy garden theme I have going on. Someday, the room with get a Mary Englebreit quilt (from Grandma, we just need a stretch of cold, rainy weather so she'll stay maybe by next spring). For now, it's our personal version of adorable.

On a blog I can't remember, a mommy came up with this idea for storing hair pretties - lay ribbons, glass, scrapbook paper, and then the secure backing in a frame, glue the ribbons (I taped them because I don't like to wait for glue to dry) and voila, hair pretty sorter. This one is hanging right noext to Gace's changing table :D


Cbayley said...

Cute! looks very similiar to another little girl's room I know :). I would also like it noted that I love Gracie's dress! super cute.

Nicole Maki said...

Oh! My! Goodness!

Jenna, you totally knocked the redo out of the park. Could that dresser be any cuter? Nope! Not possible.

I love the fabrics you chose - they'll provide tons of versatility as she gets older.

Great job!

Mama K said...

Super cute.. I love the dresser! Great Idea!

Jenna Bayley-Burke said...

Thanks y'all! It was scary and exciting to get to play with projects - speaking of that, I just added a pic of the hair pretty sorter I made!

Hyppster's Board said...

It looks super 'fabulous'!! You did a great job:))