Sunday, July 11, 2010

Cub World

Bayley's Webelo den packed up their dad's and headed for Cub World - a cub scout weekend overnight camp. The boys were excited to get to sleep in log cabins and teepees and wagons...until they got there. The teepee's were made of wood, and it seems some of our boys aren't so keen on spiders, and one challenged the structural integrity of where he was asked to sleep. So...Bayley wound up in a tent with Jeff :)

He liked all the fun things to do there - hiking, mountain biking, crafts, archery, slingshots, BB guns. Jeff found it a bit disorganized, but the boys had fun completing a knight's quest. Bayley said the best thing was the waterslide. He decided to wear his shirt because he thought it made him go faster. Something about less friction which didn't make sense to me but seemed to make a soaped up boy zoom down a hill.

For me, one of the funniest pictures is of Bayley & his friend Trevor staring at a deer. There are 5 pictures of them looking at the deer...and one of Bayley stomping his foot and the deer running off.

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