Saturday, July 24, 2010

Drive In!

When I was a kid, we went to the drive-in every summer. a couple of times, actually. Aroudn the time my folks moved from the station wagon to a mini-van, the drive-in closed up shop. It was too bad, since I really enjoyed it.

Finding a drive-in these days isn't easy. There's one in Newberg, a half hour south of us. After camp wrapped up on Friday, we trekked down, taking our chances with getting in since Facebook claimed it can fill up by 7pm!

It was full, but we still got a place at 830...right next to our old neighbors! Maybe our cars wanted to see one another again. It was fun for me, chatting with Molly made passing the time between parking and waiting for dusk fly by.

We were sure that Grace would conk out ten minutes into Dispicable Me, but she was raring to go through the entire show! She couldn't decide if she wanted to be in her seat, or on Mom's lap, or helping Daddy not drive...

The boys loved it and want to go again. I'm game, but Jeff wasn't so keen on driving back on the twisty backroads in the dark. We'll see...

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