Saturday, July 03, 2010

In Between

The day between boy birthdays was a busy one! The chubby part of the family has been having our own weightloss contest - and Pop Pop was the biggest loser with 17 pounds! So, I got him a pedicure!

Yes, I did.

It was the prize, and did his toes ever need it! I had better be the biggest loser next month, I'm developing a pedicure addiction!

The afternoon brought a visit to the sweetest member of our family, baby Natalie :D She is absolutely gorgeous...and I am not the least bit biased. She just is. And she is such a good baby. Unless she is hungry, there's only sweetness surrounding her.

One of the boys' gifts from us was a big boy night out. We took them to dinner and to Lion King. I told the boys they had to wear a short with a collar and pants with a Hayden trumped me by putting on his 'butler suit'. When he wears it, he thinks he is Batman's butler, Alfred. At the restaurant, the waitress told him he looked very handsome and he said, "I know." Yeah...
When someone said they liked how dressed up he was he said. "Thanks, I wear this to weddings and graveyards." And...he has a point.

Lion King was amazing! Hayden was on the edge of his seat the whole time, clapping when the rest of us were to expectant to realize how exciting the costuming and music could be to an almost 7-year-old. Bayley's favorite part was Pumba farting on the hyenas...once Hayden heard that, he decided that was his favorite part as well.

The boys had a great year - I'm excited to see what next year will bring!

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