Monday, July 05, 2010

Burke Brothers Birthday BBQ!

Oh yes, the Burke brothers had yet another celebration of their arrival. I am a big fan of the birthday month, and obviously our families oblige. Everyone trekked out to our place for a BBQ and fireworks.

Even though the day was about the boys, I think all the adults (and Hayden) were caught up in the joy that is Natalie. She even had on a 4th of July outfit! She was terribly bored by our festivities and slept through the entire event, but we reveled in her none the less. There is just something so special about a happy, healthy baby. It's like you can feel the blessings in the air.

The boys were very excited for another round of presents. Hayden got enough cash to add up to his half of a Nintendo DS, both boys were excited to find Uncle Matt promising a movie trip since Despicable Me comes out July 9th (seriously, best advertising program ever since I've barely been bothered with the commercials and both boys knew the release date!) I think Hayden's favorite present was a mask - he put it on and said "Now I'm a wrestler!"

The family must not have caught my blog post yesterday about group picture drama, because we tried for a shot of the cousins. Hayden was quite proud to get to hold Natalie - he later told me that it reminded him of when Grace was a baby. Too cute...even if the pictures aren't.

Jeff had a great time with the great that when he was done he decided to light a fire in the fire pit! The guy really does skate the line on pyromania. This picture is right before Bayley said "Dad, can this be the last of the dumb ones?"

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