Friday, July 23, 2010

Day Camp

Hayden really enjoyed day camp this year! They started every day in front of our house, and then hiked into camp...which is literally down the street!

Most mornings, I tucked Grace into the wagon and went into camp with them. After Grace raspberried her way through a flag ceremony, I decided we'd take her home once the boys were settled in for the day.

We enjoyed getting to see what the boy scouts keep hidden behind the gate. There is a great obstacle course, lots of covered picnic table 'camps', hiking trails, bridges, an archery range and BB gun areas...they really should rent the place out for birthday parties!

Hayden's favorite part was signing The Littlest Worm with his den on the final night of camp...I missed it since Grace was having a diva moment...and Jeff didn't tape it! He had the recorder and got two 3 second movies...of this finger! Anyway, they were adorable in practice! After singing the song, they took a big drink of rootbeer (through a straw of course) and then BURPED! Gotta love boys!

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