Sunday, April 22, 2012

Zip Lines!

When we arrived at the Treesort Jeff booked in zip lining for him and the boys. I did consider trying to pawn Grace off on one of the other families for a few hours... but instead I took pictures. We'll go back when she's more up for adventure.

They start things out slowly - in fact on the same line that hadt he swing seat we'd played on the day before. Once everyone was up to speed the passes grew in height, length, and speed.

Hayden went first, then Bayley, and Jeff followed. Which mean the boys were on the ground, egging Dad on and critiquing his every move!

And doesn't every mother want to see their kid suspended atop giant trees? It's scarier on the ground!

There is even one platform where you zip from one treehouse base to another! Of course this made the boys decide that when we return, we'll stay in one of those treehouses.

After the first round of lines, there was an advanced course. Since they were all pumped up they had to do that one too.

And then...the Tarzan Swing!

can you even see my baby up that tree?
Still in their harness, they were hooked onto the swing and held onto a rope that was hoisted by a golf cart until they were up a tree! And then...when they let go,  they swing out!

The guides said it was a longer drop than most bungee jumps. Egad.

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Mama K said...

so glad you liked the tre-sort. I can't wait to go sometime!