Monday, April 30, 2012

Easter Eggs

Miss Tina always makes sure my kiddos aren't denied the childhood ritual of dying Easter eggs. Nothing fancy, just eggs in the cups colored by the tablets and some vinegar if we remember it.

nailed it
I saw a tip on Pinterest this year to use a whisk to help the kids get the eggs in teh dye without coloring their fingers. Bayley figurd it out since the mama's were a little confused by this new contraption.

Next year, we may just do it with the little girls. The boys...are just so boyish. They wanted to mix the colors, leading to that lovely puce shade...and Hayden even decided to sample the dying liquid. Mmm...tasty. Not.

We boiled lots of eggs so there would be no fighting...but I think we went overboard because they wanted to play long before all the eggs had their color bath.

The whole process made Grace and Ava hungry. They decided they needed to eat thhe eggs before the dye was even dry!

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