Sunday, April 22, 2012


We were so looking forward to Out n about Treesort I worried we'd be let down, but it was even better than we expected -- and that was with mud and drizzle. It would be amazing in the dry summer!

Since there are so many of us, we had to have one of the bigger rooms. And with Grace we figured having our own bathroom would be a good idea as well. So we had a large room attached to the main lodge and the most comfortable beds of the entire trip. Our room had a treehouse with a loft. The boys wanted to sleep out there, but it rained all night...and I mentioned the comfy beds, right?

There was plenty to explore. Bridges connect many of the treehouses and the kids loved it. Not just our kids, all the kids staying there. The place was like summer camp, but with beds, bathrooms, and someone to make breakfast in the morning.

We got to spy some of the other digs that didn't have people in them yet. Each one was so different. Some were very rustic, others more like a bunk house, and some rather dolled up. Something for everyone.

We loved hiking around and playing on the zipline swing, spiderweb, and of course another treehouse.

The boys tried the Tarzan swing and had a great time with it. Little did we know how it works when you'er hooke dup to a zipline harness!

Of course Grace was drawn to the horses. I want to go back when she's old enough to ride. She would love it.

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