Friday, April 06, 2012

Hayden's Spring Break Journal

Day 1
  • At lunch we had to have lunch with our aunt. And saw two seals! And twelve baby ducks. Also we saw Sea Lion Caves with like one hundred sea lions. We also learned about different kinds of sea lions. After that we came to our hotel and checked out our room and other stuff. And for dinner I had fish and chips.
Day 2
  • We went to a bowling place. Dad's hand bled. Bayley was a jerk. I got two bronze medals. I liked it because I found candy.
  • I went to the Umpquah Discovery Center. I got to see crystals and some weird diamonds. We learned about some interesting animals. My favorite part was going down the bear slide.
Day 3
  • For breakfast we went to the Little Brown Hen. Bayley ate two huge chocolate chip pancakes. I ate a rectangle hashbrown. My mom had an omelet. I liked it because it filled me up.
  • I went to the sand dunes. Bayley yelled "sand monkey" at a guy passing by. A fact is that it was fun and exciting. There was a forest fire too. I liked it because we got to go up a lot of hills and got sand in my mouth.
  • We went to a safari petting zoo. A llama spit in my face! I got to pet a lion cub and a black leopard. I liked it because the llama spit in my face.
  • I went to the Prehistoric Garden with my family. We leaned about different dinosaurs. It was cool because we learned interesting facts about some dinosaurs. And for some dinos how they lived. Also liked it because they had my favorite dinosaur.
  • We went to Harris Beach. The wind was very intense. My brother took the hard way up the rocks. My dad helped me get up some of the rocks. I liked it because my dad helped me.
Day 4
  • We went to the Trees of Mystery. We went on a hike. The hike was really fun because we saw a pooped logger. My brother got tired when we just started. I really liked the transport thingy.
  • My family did Ocean World. I got to pet a leopard shark on his back. I also got to see a cool sea lion jump ten feet high. I learned the sting ray shuffle. My favorite part was the sting ray shuffle.
Day 5
  • We went to the beach. I saw a big and colossal light house. Me and my brother climbed a huge rock. We got to see the light house up close. I liked climbing the colossal rocks.
  • We got to see a lynx and a rare white tiger and a very lazy lion. I liked it because it had my favorite animal.
  • I went to the Treesort. I went ziplining in a tree, it was scary. I got to do the Tarzan Swing. I liked sleeping with Grace. I liked the Tarzan Swing because it went fifty feet high. 

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