Monday, April 16, 2012

West Coast Game Park Safari

In my pre-vacation online search for things to do, the West Coast Game Park Safari kept coming up. Because we go to the zoo all the time I wasn't really looking for animal adventures, but they had me as soon as I learned the kids could pet the baby animals. Plus they have a white tiger, Bayley's favorite animal.

This place was much better than were were anticipating. The kids really enjoyed all the interaction. There are deer and goats and peacocks and llamas and a few other things wandering about so you can feed them. The handlers bring out small animals for the kids to play with (Grace really liked the skunk). And then there are the babies.

During our visit there was a baby leopard and lion the kids could pet. With the lion, you could even get up close and play with him. The lines for these were long, but most everyone is there to give their kid the experience so it's not too bad.

The minute before we got our turn with the lion cub, Grace tripped and decided she was done. But this trip we were really working on teaching her that she is part of a family unit, not the star of the Grace show. So, she stayed outside the enclosure with her tantrum while the boys got to meet the lion.

We had some other great moments - like spotting a joey inside the pouch of a wallaby, seeing the tigers, Hayden making friends with a goat...and enemies with a llama. Yep, that is the llama spitting in Hayden's face! He totally deserved it.

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