Monday, April 16, 2012


The weather was not about to stop us from showing the kids the Redwoods. We decided coats and hoodies would protect us from a little rain and headed off to Trees of Mystery. Paul Bunyon and Babe are in the parking lot, Bigfoot is in the gift shop. Add in hiking and the promise of  a tram ride and the boys were happy as can be. What rain?

The path up to the tram is very educational, sharing the types of trees in the forest as well as some of the amazing phenomena like cathedral trees and trees that root themselves to the branches of others.

The boys loved climbing on and under the trees. It gave them something to do while I read the informational signs to them.

Then it was time for the tram to life us over the tops of the giant Redwoods. Since the rest of the world thought rain and forest exploring weren't a good match, we managed to score extra rides over the tree tops.

 For the hike back down you walk through giant wood carved sculptures that tell the story of Paul Bunyon and the history of the forest. Hayden's fave? The Pooped Logger. By that time on the trail, he was pretty pooped!

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AKA Jane Random said...

I can't wait to take my kids to the redwoods. I remember the sense of awe and bigness I felt when I visited as a child. Great pics.