Monday, April 16, 2012

Umpquah Discovery Center

We had grand plans to explore the sand dunes on our second day, but the weather had other ideas. Instead, Jeff took the boys bowling while Grace and I chilled at the hotel. Then it was off to the Umpquah Discovery Center.

The only down side to the place is that they don't allow photography. How am I supposed to blog something without pictures?

It's a great museum and gift shop that reminded me a lot of the cultural exhibits that rotate through OMSI -- and with good reason. OMSI installed them! There was so much to learn on the forest and weather path, but Grace was more interested in how fast she could get us through it. The boys understood mom was going to make them stop and read. That darned learning.

I think the kids enjoyed the 'bear slide' the best. It's just a simple slide built into the exhibit, but they had to do it until I'd read them all the nearby information. I think they would have kept going!

We expected it to be a small, short visit. But you could easily spend an entire rainy afternoon here, and love every minute.

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