Monday, April 16, 2012

SandLand Adventures

Florence has this great place where the kids can play mini-golf and do bumper boats and all that long as the weather cooperates. Which for us, it didn't. But they also do dune buggy rides and the reason we came was to explore the dunes. On our way out of town the weather cleared and we drove right over.

Everyone was very excited to race over mountains of sand, even Grace. Until we put a helmet on her. She might have tolerated that eventually. But add on goggles and she was DONE. We knew once we were moving her tantrum would end, but she was kicked off before the engine started. And so, Mom took one for team Burke and stayed behind with the girl.

The boys had a great time racing up and down the dunes. I hope it helped give them perspective on the geography of the coast. At least it gave them a thrill.

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