Saturday, December 03, 2011

Salmon Release

Bayley's 5th grade class took part in an education program through the Fish and Wildlife Department where they got to learn about salmon by raising them from eggs. Once the fish had matured enough to lose their yolk sack, they needed to be released into the Tualatin river.

On a chilly Saturday morning, most of the kids from class and their families gathered at a local park to watch the kiddos send their fish into the river.

Their teached helped the kids scoop the fish into a baggie of water, then they took the baggie to the waters edge and released the fish. It was a little murky, but they managed to see them swim away.

Bayley really enjoyed this unit. There were lots of learning opportunities between egg and fry. I remember the kids being very excited by the effect of light on the newly emerging fish. This, and last year's Columbia Gorge field trip, have really taught Bayley a lot about salmon.

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