Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Hayden's First Apple Pie

When Hayden was a baby I read the book Catch a Fish, Throw a Ball, Fly a Kite: 21 Timeless Skills Every Child Needs To Know by Jeffrey Lee and thought it was a great idea. Make an Apple Pie is on the list, and Hayden wanted to make a dessert for Thanksgiving.
He helped me pick out the apples and everything. We looked up a recipe and got to work with me as his assistant. I think he would have done it himself except he wasn't a fan of peeling apples.
I think his favorite part was either dumping the apple mix in the pie, or carving his initials in the top. Okay, so maybe it was when Mom forgot to put a pan underneath it, and it bubbled up in the oven and spilled apple juice on the bottom and it started smoking.

The world moves so fast now, the basics are often glossed over. I think of it every now and then, hoping to make it through the list before the kids are in college. We've actually managed to have fun with a lot of them.

Catch a Fish
Fly a Kite
Throw a Ball
Plant a Tree (I'm counting azaela bushes)
Bake Bread
Fly a Kite
Build a Fire
Make a Sand Castle
Play a Blade of Grass
Skip a Stone
Make a Paper Airplane
Do a Magic Trick
Eat with Chopsticks
Build a Wooden Box
Spin a YoYo
Grow a Garden
Make an Apple Pie
Throw a Frisbee
Name the Stars

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