Friday, December 09, 2011

Jeff's Trips

When Jeff takes off for a wind farm, he always hopes he'll have time to climb a tower. He loves the view, and talking with the people who work with the turbines in reality, instead of on paper the way he does. I always tell him to take pictures, but he never remembers a camera. This last trip to Mojave I zipped a camera in his jacket pocket.

Most of the snapshots were too blurry to make much out, but these are the few that came through. Now that I know he'll use it, I'll send him with a better one. I gave him the camera Hayden uses in case it didn't make it back with him. And it almost didn't.

They get project jackets whenever they go to site builds, so he and his project manager had matching jackets. They didn't come home with their own. Luckily, all was resolved at work the next day.

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