Saturday, December 10, 2011

Cocoa With Claus

Our gym put together an event that wasn't quite what we expected. I don't think it was what they expected either...since they started setting up AFTER we'd been told to be there. Um...yeah. Such a great idea with an impatient toddler in tow. Especially on a day where she'd opted out of naptime.

The boys really enjoyed the giant bounce house and slide. Grace wanted to enjoy it, she was quite excited to look at it, but the idea of going in plain freaked her out. Even Ava and her friend Adilyne from school couldn't coax her in.

Once the gingerbread man decorating station opened, she had something to do. Get sticky. I got the kids cocoa, but Grace was only interested in licking the whipped cream from the top. Hayden declared the cocoa undrinkable, and Bayley thought it was watered down. That's what I get for making Swiss Miss with milk instead of water - cocoa snobs!

Grace was exited to see Santa, not so excited about getting close to the big guy. Bayley decided he's too old to sit on Santa's lap, but he wanted to be sure to get his wish list passed on. I hope I'll get a good shot of all three of them at Breakfast With Santa next weekend.

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Fab Free Fun said...

Abra is a cocoa snob too! We ran out of milk one day and she took one sip and dumped it down the drain. Yay for family fun at Hawthorne...I miss that place