Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Giving Tree

Every year we find a giving tree and the kids help me pick out the gift the child requested. When the tree in the gym lobby got decorated with tags, I gave the boys the job of picking one out while I was at Zumba.

When I came to get them, they asked if they could both choose a tag this year...and since they already had, plus we've been truly blessed this year, I agreed. The tags they selected were for little boys who'd asked for shoes, which the boys found sad. Some of the other tags were for a kareoke machine and toys, but the boys thought the kids who asked for shoes probably needed a gift more than the other kids.

They wanted to give some of their toys to the boys, but the gifts had to be new. We decided to pass on the toys instead.

Last holiday season Grandma & Grandpa gavet he boys each $20 to spend on charity. I've suggested things throughout the year, but nothing motivated them to give, until the giving tree. They wanted to spend their $20 on a fun gift for their boys, while Mom & Dad sprang for the shoes. Deal.

We're so proud of our boys for thinking of others. They truly have the holiday spirit.

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Fab Free Fun said...

That is a very good moment to be proud of the boys! Good job!