Thursday, August 18, 2011

Whatever Floats Their Boat!

Summer is winding down, and I'm still determined to make this the 'Best Summer Ever'. I can't slip up now, not when I have 9 'Best Day of My Life' kudos from the boys. To keep the momentum going, we packed up the van (and the Hyppster crew) and headed to Astoria.

I've never actually driven to Astoria. I let Jeff handle that, but since this was a weekday trip...I handled it with a minimum of 'interesting incidents' which shall never be discussed.

The Columbia River Maritime Museum was our first stop. The boys were having a good time before we even made it inside. They took one look at the giant anchor and propeller and thought...I can climb that.

Inside, they started some crafts, but once Bayley had a macaroni crown and Hayden a macaroni necklace (which he ate...uncooked wagon wheels...really) we set off to explore. They had little interest in the history exhibits, but when things were hands on, they were all about it. I tried to work in a few educational's hoping they were paying attention.

Then we were off to the Lightship Columbia, a decomissioned, well, lightship. It now serves as a floating museum to let us all peek inside what it's like to live and work on a boat. The kids really liked the bunks and the kitchen. I liked watching them stare blankly at the ancient TV!

We hustled our hungry brood across the street to Bowpicker Fish & Chips...where they fry up tuna and steak fries from a gilnet boat! There was a line, but it was worth the wait, even waiting with 2 preschoolers and 3 hungry boys!
It was so good in fact, even this dragonfly heard the buzz about the place.

With our bellies full, we set off to find the shipwreck of Peter Iredale. It's kind of eerie how it surges up from the sand, but the kids love to see it and play in the waves around it.

The boys hit the water as soon as we found sand. The girls...took a bit longer to get used to the frigid temperature. Once Grace got a feel for it, she wanted to be right there, holding Bayley's hand. He was so sweet, he gave up his own play time to be with Grace so she could enjoy the waves.


The weather was perfect, and aside from backseat antics during the drive, it was a wonderful day. (Are we there yet? He scratched me? He took my shoe! Stop touching me! Hi Ava! Hi Grace! Mom. Mom. Mom. I want to go to the beach. He took my hat! Don't punch me! Don't push me.)

No trip to the coast is complete without ice Miss Tina treated the kids to Dairy Queen. Grace was quite excited for her strawberry shake!

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