Wednesday, August 17, 2011

OMSI :: Game On Exhibit

OMSI's latest rotating exhibit - Game On - showcases the history and evolution of computer gaming. There's lots to learn, but even more to play! There are more video games in the exhibit than you could ever play in a day. Though, trying woudl be Bayley's perfect way to spend the day.
They had some truly antique pinball machines. I was impressed they worked at all. I also showed the kids the video game system I had at their age - PONG. They seemed completely unimpressed as I told them I was lucky to have pong, most kids in my elementary school didn't have a VCR, let alone a video game. Bayley knew some Pong history, which impressed me...and went right over my head. Something about coding.

They really liked the classic arcade games, and I realized after three years of Wii, I can't handle a regular controller anymore. They had a showcase of games by type, another by country, then by theme... There is even a kids game area that has some of my fave games from when I was a kid -- Simon Says and Speak & Spell. I always wanted a Speak and Spell.

There was a section of newer arcade games and then the virtual reality stuff. A little tip, you have to wear closed toed shoes to get in the giant sphere, and that's all I'm sayin! The boys weren't impressed wth the Kinnect, but loved games in 3-D.

As you can imagine, Grace was not at all interested. I think she could have been if the Simon had batteries or she could hear the Speak and Spell...but it was up to the Science Playground for art & sand, her two favorite things. The boys even have a good time in there - maybe because we always seem to hit them on spin art days.

We walked through the Narnia exhibit, and it's gorgeous. Bayley dislikes the Narnia books, so he thought the whole thing was ridiculous until he got to touch the frozen waterfall and set off the trebuchet. Alas, there are no pictures...I wasn't supposed to take pictures in Game On either, but I didn't see the sign until half way through!

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