Monday, August 01, 2011


After trying to talk Bayley into every sport we could think of, one thing kept coming up. Fencing. At first I thought it had to do with Star Wars lightsaber duels and his fascination would wane...but every time we brought up soccer, basketball, football, golf, swimming, whatever - he brought up fencing.

I decided to wait until summer and find a camp...and then LivingSocial helped me out. Northwest Fencing Center had a deal for $35 for a month of classes! Since it's $110 a month (and $185 when they begin to compete) this was quite the steal. (And now you can see my fencing hesitation. This is a 2K/year sport. That's a lot of investment in a 10-year old.

We opted to wait until August, because of other camps they'd be able to get the most days in. And all it took was a single class and Bayley decided he wanted to do this. In fact, it turns out he started being interested in fencing from watching the Olympics.

The kicker? Hayden loves it too. I wonder how soon sponsorships start? Bayley can have Star Wars, Kraft mac & cheese, and Wii on his fencing jacket - Hayden can have Gatorade, Pokemon, and Nutella.

Must think of a plan to let this happen, because the conversation otherwise is not something I want to have with my sons!

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