Tuesday, August 30, 2011

She's Blurry. So What?

Whenever I flip through photos I realize I have very few good ones of Grace. She's just not pose-able. She doesn't say cheese or look at the camera or even slow down. 

Today, I wanted a picture of her in her new favorite outfit - her Cinderella costume. I tried everything to get a cute smile. She had no interest.

So, I gave up and the boys started chasing her, and chasing each other. And she's screaching and laughing and having a great time like usual.
I decided to take a picture of that, even though she's blurry. I think maybe if I set up a tripod and used a crazy fast shutter speed, maybe she's be in focus. But even when I push it to the limit of hand-held, my kid is faster than the camera shutter. 

My kid is blurry and happy.

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Hyppster's Board said...

I think she's still a beautiful princess. Blurry and all:)