Monday, August 15, 2011

Summer Supper

Whenever it is not raining (and by that I mean raining by Oregon standards, which means you'll be soaked walking through a parking lot, not refeshingly misted) the first thing Grace says when we arrive for our weekly visit to Grandma & Grandpa's is "I need to see my horses now."

Cute, except she repeats this until someone takes her to see 'her' horses. They seem to like seeing her as much as she enjoys seeing them. She's always concerned they are hungry, which is funny since Grandpa has usually just fed them. She likes to rip grass from the ground and have Daddy feed them.

We head inside after Grace gets her horse fix, and the boys have canvased the yard to make sure nothing has changed (which it usually has, but they're not looking for the flowers Grandma moved, they're interested in mole holes and garter snakes). Something occupies us until dinner - cards, chinese checkers, mancala, drawing, wrestling...this weekend it was piggy back rides.

The boys have realized they can carry each other on their backs (Bayley more effeciently than Hayden, obviously) so they try it whenever there is a bench or chair to sit on and lift your rider. Grace has no concept of holding on, so carrying her around on your back can be a challenge. Uncle Tim even got in one the piggy back action...of course, Hayden opted to ride on his shoulders!

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