Sunday, May 22, 2011

Zoo Crazy

The Gordon girls came to town to see us...and the zoo too!  This was Gracie's first time as a mostly-walker. No backpack, stroller, or wagon. She did great, but I think I'll still bring a stroller since she did spend a bit of time on Jeff's shoulders!

The boys were thrilled the zoo was holding a Lego exhibit for the weekend. They got to see projects created by students at Oregon Episcopal School's Lego Physics program, as well as the larger kits (like the death star).

The quality of the projects was quite impressive! A robot that followed masking tape tracks, a machine that crimped paper, squiggle pens and lots ove different robots - like one that could catch a beanie baby mouse!

I have a photo safari at the zoo next month as part of the photography class, so I brought the camera to take some 'before' pictures. I think most of my shots were overexposed...hope they can fix that in the class!

All of the kids agreed that the best part of the visit was Lorikeet Landing, where the birds decided to land on Hayden!


Hyppster's Board said...

Really great pics. Love the monkey in the shirt!

Fab Free Fun said...

Positive note, the kids aren't blurry

Anonymous said...

Great picture of Hayden---a standin for Prince Harry