Tuesday, May 03, 2011


Bayley shooting a BB gun at water balloons

Bayley's Cub Scout group finds the funnest things to do. Last weekend was Camporee, an event hosted by the boy scout troops where the boys get to experience the best activities from the camps in the area. As soon as Bayley came home, I asked what his favorite part was. He said everything (I learned this was what ALL his Webelo friends said). But, when pressed, he said playing tug of war while standing on a tree stump.

Some of the activities require special equipment (rifles, tomahawks, harpooning whales) but most things celebrate imagination - like having the boys build boats out of natural materials (Bayley's was balsa wood, string, and tree sap) and use everyday things to play games.

The "boat" with its "cargo" (flour)

Tug of war on a tree stump

And the weather? Goregous. What a great day to be a little boy.

The harpooner
The whale

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