Friday, May 06, 2011

Uncle Gabe is in town!

Gabe, Joni, Daniel, Jenna, Matt
Uncle Gabe flew in from DC to spend Mother's Day with Gram-Mo. We all wanted to get together to sample some of the chicken he's been winning BBQ contests with, so planned on having the extended family over for dinner on Friday. It seemed like such a simple plan.

Until Uncle Gabe wound up spending the night in Chicago...and being rerouted through Phoenix. Still, he managed to show up just 12 hours behind schedule.

Hayden loved the stuffed cheeseburgers
I had a marathon day prepping for Grace's birthday party (9 kinds of mini muffins for babies who brunch!). After baking, I finally took a break for a shower, then came downstairs to start cleaning.

And found...a swamp under the sink! I salvaged what I could and tossed it in the utility sink for draining and mopped up the mess. Then...I tried to figure out why there was a leak...and since I don't know a thing about plumbing besides it makes one heck of a mess when it breaks...

Natalie was excited Bayley would read to her
I had to call off the family dinner. I mean, I hadn't made the mac & cheese or cake, you can't have people over when you don't have a sink! But then...who shoudl fly to my rescue? Jeff the plumber.

Hayden got to feed Natalie

I know, he looks like an accountant. But he managed to get the sink working in a half hour. And dinner was on! I hope everyone had a fun time visiting. And I really hope everything is much smoother for the birthday party tomorrow! 
Aw, how cute


Cbayley said...

Thanks again for having us all over! All your kids were SO sweet with Natalie. Bay reading to her, Hayds feeding her and Grace telling her how precious she is. Natalie is simply mesmerized by Grace it was cute to watch. We hope the birthday party went perfectly, Natalie had a nice nap :)

Courtney Bayley said...

Thanks so much for being flexible and having the whole gang over for dinner! Quite a feat in general but especially amazing considering you had a kitchen fiasco and still managed to pull it off w/homemade mac and cheese AND cake truffles!! Your house is wonderful for entertaining a large group and we had a blast spending time w/ everyone. Thanks again!