Friday, May 13, 2011

The Mummies Are Gone!

I can't believe we missed the Egypt exhibit at OMSI. We never miss an  exhibit - that's what the membership is for! But, alas, the mummies have escaped us. It hasn't been gone long, because they still have the Life Hall blocked off.

We arrived to see a line of almost 20 buses. I had a mini-panic attack and thought about heading back home. But, apparently there was an OMSI overnight, and half the buses were taking kids away. Still, the place was packed with roaming middle schoolers. It seems at that age they've forgotten about waiting in line and taking turns. I wonder if I can fast forward my kids past it....better yet, keep rewinding them to the good parts.

The Design exhibit is still up and running. The kids really like this one because of the video games...and Grace loves to try and catch the dancing lights.

I was amazed by how much time we spent in the Science Playground, a part of the museum intended for the preschool set. I guess playing in the sand never gets old.

Turbine Hall was quite busy. We enjoyed the Physics Lab - especially the static electricity maker and music - until the place was invaded by more school uniforms than the fire marshall allows. And then it was home for nap time. You hear that Grace? NAP!

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