Saturday, May 07, 2011

Babies Who Brunch

Gracie's 3rd Birthday party was a big success! We managed to book the Tyson rec center, which meant we had a classroom and the indoor play area all to ourselves! The kids had such a good time, I'm hoping one of the baby girlfriends has a party there too.

We let the kids have free reign over the playroom, and enjoyed watching what they came up with. Bayley & Hayden both went to preschool there, so it was quite cute seeing them revisit old favorites. Bayley has always liked the giant building blocks, and promptly built Grace a house, then a cage...and finally...a coffin! Kids!

Grace in the house, Hayden in the cage

Steven in the coffin (with Ava, Brennan & Isabel)

Grace was more interested in the slide and rocking toys than anything else. She did take a moment to try her hand at basketball...before she dropped the ball and gave it a swift kick, soccer style!

Instead of having the other kids watch as Grace opened her deluge of gifts, we tried to do it one at a time with the gift giver. It worked for the most part. I think it was less overwhelming for Grace that way, and it gave her time to explore each new present instead of having it spirited away.

Mikaylin, Gracie Mae, Sarah Jane 

Since it was a morning party, we side-stepped the usual cake in favor of muffin mania. And I went crazy with the variety - carrot, pumpkin chocolate chip, chocolate, chocolate raspberry, blueberry, banana, corn, blackberry corn...and now our house is poised for muffin week! 


Mama K said...

Sorry we missed it, glad she had a good time!!

Courtney Bayley said...

So much fun!! Glad we were able to help Gracie celebrate her special day :)

Fab Free Fun said...

Looks like a blast! I'm glad Grace had a great day!