Friday, May 20, 2011

Audobon Society Field Trip

What a great day the 2nd graders had! We all got cozy in a bus and headed up the twisty northwest roads. Hayden & I had never been to the Audobon Society, so were weren't sure what to expect. We loved every minute!

First, we went into a classroom and learned about how observing birds can tell us what they eat and how they live. Plus, the kids got to handle preserved specimens...wings, feet, bones, nests...and even taxidermied birds!

After lunch, it was time to get out hands on pelts and prints....and a beaver gnawed chunk of wood. 

Next we walked through the hospital and viewed the birds that live there permanently, usually because of an injury that keeps them from being released. Hayden had a great time with the great horned owl...but I couldn't get a good picture. He also loved looking at the raven...I think if I'd taken my eyes off of him, he would have tried to pet it!

We finished with a hike down to a pond. We've hiked to ponds before, but this one was teeming with animals! We saw a turtle, tadpoles, and at least two dozed rough skinned newts!

I see a day trip in our future for a repeat visit!

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