Sunday, March 04, 2012

Theatrical Debut

Bayley decided to join the school play this year - Jack and the Sillies. His music teacher put it together herself, and it really suits the kids. It's based on a book about Jack, a man who doesn't like silliness, but is absolutley silly himself.

Bayley is a pig tosser. Yes, he actually throws a pig. In his group, they're trying to feed their pig apples by tossing it into an apple tree.

The pig, Stewie, is the star of all backstage events. After every rehearsal Bayley has a story about something that has happened to the stuffed pig. It will be a miracle if he makes it to opening night in one piece.

We're just so proud of Bayley for opening himself up to the experience. He's usually not much of a joiner, but he has had such a great time with it. I think having so many of his friends in the cast really helped.


GTTB said...

How exciting... you will have to record the entire performance for me to watch later.

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