Saturday, March 17, 2012

Star Wars!

Aunt Christina heard there would be Star Wars characters at the Children's Museum, and knew Bayley would want to be there. Not sure of the tie in with CM2 and their current How Children Learn exhibit, but whatever!

There was a bit of excitement before we even got in the door. Daddy thought they should take a shortcut across the grass. Mommy declined because she had on heels... You see where this is going. He was carrying Grace and slid, dropping her into the mud while he hit the concrete. Good times.

Once inside, we found the characters milling about, patiently posing for pictures with the kids. The hilarious part were the people who came in dressed up, ready to do battle with their light sabers. For a couple of them, I don't think they even had kids with them!

Bayley did a critique of most the costumes, and didn't want his picture with Boba Fett or the storm troppers because they are evil. But he had to get a picture with Darth Vader and Darth Bane. Apparently if you are lethal enough, he doesn't mind as much.

Grace wanted to see Darth Vader, but not touch him. She tried to hug R2-D2 and wanted to pet Chewbacca...but not too much. She was excited to see them, but not enough to risk being captured by the dark side.

The kids spent their time in the water room and the grocery store. It's fun to see how things have changed and stayed the same in the decade I've been taking my kiddos there.

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