Thursday, March 22, 2012

Science Fair

To Melt Or Not To Melt

That was his question...or rather the title of his science project this year. Bayley wanted to know what brand of crayons melted the fastest. And here I thought that Crayola crayon maker they got for Hanukkah was for recycling crayon bits.

He did almost everything on his own this year - except for hot glueing the crayons to the display board. I burn myself with it, so wasn't ready to hand it over. And melting the crayons on the display board for 'decoration' was a team effort. Both of us spent ages in the garage with blow dryers melting the dollar store crayons.

It turns out, we should have done the 'decoration' after his experiment, which found the dollar store brand takes the longest to melt - three times as long as Crayola! Would have been good to know.

OMSI brought all kinds of fun to the science fair this year. Grace loved that they brought the floating balls, Hayden was all about the reptiles, and Bayley really got into showing everyone how to solve the puzzles.

People really thought he was something...and he is...just not about those puzzles. When you take the kid to OMSI a dozen times a year for nearly his whole life...he's going to have enough time to work it out.

They had a great time, and Hayden picked up a few ideas for next year - he might do a taste test of brands of bacon...or if people can tell the difference between brands of soda. I vote for bacon.

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