Friday, March 30, 2012

Sea Lion Caves

Our Spring Break adventure started witha  visit to the Sea Lion Caves in Florence. The kids loved it! Even though I made the boys read the information signs posted, they still had a great time. In fact, the boys decided that if ever there was a tsunami in Florence, the safest place to be would be the sea lion cave. Okay.

As we entered the gift shop, they offered the kids popcorn, which is the way to get on their good side. They climbed on the sea lion statues, which I turned into a photo op (of course) then we headed over to the lookout where they could see the cave from the outside and the animals drifing in.

Then it was down the elevator to the viewing room. The kids could have stood there and stared at the sea lions as they roamed about for hours.

They even stayed and listed to the video about the history of the cave. It was the perfect first stop for our trip.

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