Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Arrow Of Light

It is hard to believe Bayley isn't a cub scout anymore. Tonight his den did their last cub scout flag ceremony. It's wonderful to see how confident they are in it now. Hayden's Bear den is still unsure about what to do.

Bayley earned his Arrow of Light -- an actual arrow on a plaque for his wall. He got the award because of all the achievements he earned as a scout. It's one of the few things the boys carry forward in scouting, so he's very proud.

The ceremony to celebrate the boys crossing over from cub scouts to boy scouts was much more dramatic than I expected. There was a Native American ceremony where the boys literally crossed a bridge and were welcomed by their new troop.

The principal and two of our teachers came to watch the boys cross over. It really meant a lot to them to see the support they got from the school.

I don't get to do much with scouts since Grace is not event-friendly, so it was a real treat for me to be a part of it. Right up until the time where Grace ran up on stage thinking she could cross the bridge too. The boys think how I dance to the radio in the car is embarrassing...and yet they were not nearly as mortified by this as Jeff & I were!

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