Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

It's Grammo & PopPop's year to host Thanksgiving, but they ran away to Europe to escape the clean-up. We invited everyone to our place so that we'd have leftovers for the rest of the week. Uncle Matt & Aunt Courtney had the European thing going on, and Uncle Chris & Aunt Staci had to work -- but Grandma and Grandpa, Uncle Tim, Uncle Dan & Aunt Christina and Natalie came over to share the holiday with us.

As soon as anyone walked through the door, the boys had to show them the nieghbors tree in the backyard. After that excitment, Uncle Tim dialed in a football game, the girls started playing dress-up and the boys...acted like their crazy selves. 

There was champagne and beer - because Jeff has breathes beer, and I wanted to taste the difference between Proseco and Moscato. I like them both. Huge surprise :) We snacked on cheese and Grandma Doris's clam dip until the mashed potatoes were ready and the turkey sliced.

The girls must have played extra hard, because they both loved Thanksgiving dinner! Of course, half their plate was fruit. Our girls are true sweeties.

After dinner we gave Natalie a pair of puddle stompers - as soon as Grace saw her with them on she had to put on hers too.

Bayley wanted to share the candle he made at Webelos Woods...he did this twisty bendy thing and wanted to know if the candle would burn sideways. Instead, he would up with burning pyramids. Oops!

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