Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Shake The Glitter Off Your Clothes..

We survived the Las Vegas girls-only weekend! The highlight had to be the Katy Perry concert. AMAZING. Totally worth flying to Las Vegas for.

The staging was mindblowing. One set felt like we were in the middle of a video. Plus, she brought out her grandma so she could dedicate Firework to her. I just love Katy.

We'd booked the cheapest package we could find, which put us on Spirit Airlines. It's cheap up front, because they charge for everything. The plane reminded me of Southwest before they made all their money. I'd fly with them again, especially in the big front seats.

Once we got to Vegas, we had a limo take us down the strip so the Vegas Virgins could get their bearings. Then we had our pic taken at the Welcome To Las Vegas sign. Big Bird was there too. Vegas is full of people in old Halloween costumes you can take your picture with for a dollar.

There were lots of giggles on the trip, like when we explored the wedding chapel, spied the sexy Santas, giggled in bed late night like tweens at a slumber party, and when Tina fell off the moving walkway because she was Facebooking from her phone!

I had fun at the ice bar -- which was more decorated walk-in freezer than the igloo-esque space I was anticipating. And the fur coats and hats were made of Muppet fur. I had to laugh at the entire expereince.

We found some favorite restaurants -- RiRa Irish pub @ Mandalay Place and Sugar Factory @ Paris.

I really liked the helicopter ride. I think I'll try to talk Jeff into it when we go to Hawaii or take the kids to the Grand Canyon. It's such an amazing perspective.

We had a special dinner at Pampas, the Brazillian restaurant @ Planet Hollywood. Somehow, we managed to score a private dining room! Such fun having the servers come in our room with their swords of meat. Definitely a place to go when Gabe-fest comes to Las Vegas.

Madame Tussaud's wax museum was more fun than I expected. and not just because I can say I got in bed with Hef. It was silly fun to pose with the statues. Tina texted a pic with the Will Smith statue to her daughter and she saw through our ruse. Which is probably good...otherwise she'd want to go to Vegas too!

I left my phone in Portland on accident, which really showed me how much I depend on it to stay connected. With Matt in the hospital in India and waiting to hear on a book contract, it was quite frustrating. (Matt is in Budapest and on the mend, I scored the book contract). And it made my ADD rage since I didn't have the distraction to keep me centered. I tried to caffienate, but when I forgot my camera battery on day 2, I knew I actually considered picking up an iTouch so I could let the other girls shop while I tried not to crawl out of my skin! But, I made it through. And next time, I'll triple check that I have the phone with me. And will probably drag the laptop along.

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