Sunday, November 27, 2011

Annual Santa List

The boys aren't as fun to shop for this year - everything they want has a high price tag. We've been listening to The Secret and The Power in the car while we run errands, so they've decided to use the law of attraction to bring them a fabulous holiday.

I managed to talk them down to some less spendy items, and get them to agree to a playroom clean-out during winter break. If they haven't played with a toy in 6 months, or if I don't think Grace will play with it, it's going to make some kiddo's holiday a little brighter. Or louder, depending on the toy!

Kindle Fire
Nintendo 3DS
TV (this is a big NO from Mom & Dad)
Lego Death Star
Air Hockey Table
Star Wars Lego Sets
Star Wars Action Figures
Wii Points
Nintendo 3DS games (Pokemon Rumble Blast...this is a 3DS game)
Zane DX Ninjago
Kai DX Ninjago
Giant chess set
Super Scribblenauts DS game
Epic Mickey Wii game

Kindle Fire
Nintendo 3DS
Nintendo DS games (Beyblade, Super Scribblenats, Fossil Fighter Champion, How to Train Your Dragon)
Wii games (Skylanders)
Nintendo DS Action Replay
Happy Feet 2
Lego Ninjago
Pokemon Black & White handbook
How To Train Your Dragon book set

dolls, princesses, horses, accessories

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