Friday, July 08, 2011

DC Adventure :: White House & Capitol

We went on a tour of the White House, but no cameras are allowed. It wasn't as much of a tour as I thought it would be. The White House was very big, but we only got to tour a small portion and couldn't see any of the working part.

While we were walking to the White House, there were police escorts and Uncle Gabe said that since it wasn't a big group, like 5 or 10 cars or so, it was probably Michelle Obama, not the president.

My favorite part would have to be the blue room because it had the coolest stuff, one was an actually cukoo clock which I'd never seen before. But, it hasn't been wound up for 25 years.

The strangest thing was the picture of one of the presidents daughters holding a raccoon.

At the Capitol there were a bunch of pictures and sculptures of leaders and stuff. Before we did the tour of it, there were these security guards, and they wouldn't let Uncle Gabe's water bottle pass through, even though it was empty.
At the start of the tour we watched a video and started touring. I was at the front of the line the entire time. There were these two annoying kids that wanted to push past me at the end.

The dome of the building has a big strip of a story that went all the way around the dome. I couldn't tell where it started and where it ended. It was all pictures, so I really didn't understand it.

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