Friday, July 22, 2011

Adventure Cove - Bayley's Cub Scout Camp

Sunday - We didn't do much except set all of our stuff out and go to chapel, which is like church but shorter. At the beginning of each day we raise and lower the flag. All the dinners were good because if we didn't like it we had the choice of peanut butter and jelly. I had that for quite a few meals because they ran out of food and I was still hungry. We went into one of the fields and all of the instructors lined up and the kids rotated stations to sign up for the things that they wanted to do. Me and Joey forgot to sign up for flag football, but luckily there were just enough spots for everybody. There was a campfire with the whole camp. At the campfire bowl there are two fires.

Once we were at camp, they came around and did a ceremony for staves. It is a hiking stick that I whittled to make it my own. I purposely dropped the handle in the mud to make it a darker brown. Everybody's name is written on theirs. I put a rocket ship on mine. I stayed in a tent with Joey and he said I slept all over the tent.

Monday - I woke up and I was sleeping vertical and Joey was horizontal - on top of me! I didn't want to get up because the tent is the warmest spot in the whole camp, except for the dining hall. We went to two activities as a group. Campaigning where they taught us to decode stuff, and Camp Life where they talked to us about stuff I forgot. Then we did animal tracks at wood craft. I thought we were going to make an animal track, but we didn't. We did the slime science experiment where we got boiling water and poured it over packets of gelatin in cups. The science dude put a bunch of corn syrup in and we stirred until it was kind of like jello. After dinner we had a sand castle building contest at the beach. 

Tuesday - We woke up and Joey was partly outside the tent for some reason. We did flags, then went to breakfast and went back to camp. We did field games where we played dodge ball in the field - kids against parents! Before lunch we did the Chivalry station where we learned the different meanings of the boy scout oath. It was the most fun activity of the day because we spent half the class time making fun of the instructor with our leader. After lunch we have BOB time - boys on bunks. We made fruit batteries. The guy kind of embarassed himself because he couldn;t get the light bulb to work using a lemon, so he switched to a Christmas light. We went to archery. I actually got bored of it really quickly because I could never aim. We only got 5 shots. At cooking we saw dutch oven cooking. To make an omelett you just dump the stuff in there. To clean it you can't sue soap or bleach, because that is what you will taste the next time you cook in it.

Wednesday -  I learned three styles of fire building, they were actually suprisingly the same as the way you could build your hut -- teepee, lean-to and log cabin. Lean-to burns the fastest, log cabin catches slowest but it burns longest and produces the most heat. For hut building we discussed the hit types, then went down to the beach and collected materials. We took them back and put them together with popsicle sticks and woodglue. I didn't take mine home because I was trying to make a roundish hut with no roof, but the glue didn't have time to set. We did eggspirments. We saw how raw egg and hard boilded eggs spun. Hard boiled spins better because it is solid. The rest of the time we spent trying to break a hard boiled egg with their hands clasped. Only one person could do it. We retired an American flag, which means you burn it.

Thursday - We hiked to Camp Meriwether for the morning session. Most of it was on the beach. It was supposed to be five miles, but I don't think it was. We walked on the hard sand that was so hard when you jabbed your stave in it it didn't even make an impression. We packed sack lunches and stopped ath teh picnic tables to eat lunch. There were giant nests of sand fleas that we had to be careful of or we'd get itchy.  Our first elective was smoke signals. We discussed how to make big puffs and small puffs of smoke. We went to the campfire and put a tarp over it, thought it wasn't lit. We did flag football in a big field and just because one person didn't do a scout sign quick enough everybody had to so push-ups.I liked BB guns better than I thought. I got 4 or 6 obvioulsy into the bullseye zone. I got 4 or 5 bbs to connect to the bullseye zone and tear a hole, so I got all those points as bulleseyes. I did that all ona gun with a black lump as an aimer, instead of a green cylinder which shoots better. You got 17 shots. The high score is 15, but it used to be 13.

Friday - I woke up in the middle of the night, I was facing the wrong direction so I had to fix it. When we woke up, the whole tent was normal for once. For breakfast today, the kitchen staff refused to call 4ths. They called, 1sts, 2nds, 3rds, 3rd and a 1/2s, and then all you can eat. We went back to camp and packed up. It took half an hour to pack my pillow into my duffle. I had to have Joey's help. We went to woodcraft and did a nature hike, then we went to science and talked about protons, electrons and atoms. We cleaned up camp, then went down to the mess hall for snack (cheese sandwich and crackers). We hung out with Dad around camp while everyone else went to the beach. I am sick of the beach. Then it was time for the BBQ. I had a cheeseburger and watermelon.

I took a shower at camp, but I hated it. There was a ton of mud on the floor. I was dirtier when I got out than when I got in.

My favorite breakfast was all you can eat hasbrowns.
My favorite lunch was was grilled cheese. I had 3.
My favorite dinner was spaghetti. I kept on getting a bunch of meatballs, and their meatballs were awesome.

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