Friday, July 08, 2011

DC Adventure :: Monuments

Bayley -- I really liked the monuments, especially the WWII Memorial where there were a bunch of pillars and on each pillar there was a name of a state. We went the long way to find Oregon, but it was fun doing it like we did.

There was a big pool in the middle of it, and it would be fun to play in it if they let you.

The reflecting pool was a big giant dirt field with a bunch of pipes sticking out of the ground, since it was under repair. I wish I would have brought shoes, and not just sandals.

My favorite memorial was the FDR Memorial because it had a bunch of sayings and life lessons on it. There were a bunch of fountains. And a waterfall. Some of the waterfalls smelled like pee and they were yellow.
The Lincoln Memorial had more steps than I thought it would, and the statue of Abraham Lincoln was much bigger than I thought it would be. On two of the walls, there were some really long speeches. On the left wall there was a long speech, and on the right wall there was another speech, three times as long!

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