Friday, July 08, 2011

DC Adventure :: Caverns

I was a little sick of museums, so we toured two different caves. The first one was called the Skyline Caverns. It had a bunch of different lights that made the rocks light up in different ways. It looked a lot better than the next cavern that we toured.

The Luray Caverns weren't as good because they didn't have as many stops and the stops to see things that they did have weren't as cool.

Both caverns had a room where marriages happened. I liked Skyline caverns more because it didn't have anything mechanical in it for the instruments. You could hit the stalagtites with your hand and it would make a noise.

The Luray Caverns had so many flies, that if I would have just carried around the electric flyswater it would have got like 30 flies while I was standing there in line, not even swining it!

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GTTB said...

that last picture is a reflecting pool that is about 2 inches deep ...