Monday, July 11, 2011

Burke Brothers' Birthday Bash!

Once again, I managed to talk the boys into a combined party. It's just so much easier - especially when you go to a party place! Because of my trip back east and the kitchen facelift, a house party was out. Lucky for us, a new pizza & play place recently opened - John's Incredible Pizza.

We took the boys a few weeks back to make sure it was party-worthy, and they just loved it. They were quite excited to bring their friends there. For the last week they've had carnival ride wishes and bumper car dreams.

They have a seperate area to corral the party kids while the adults do the check in, and then they parade them back to the party room to make balloon animals - which with a tangle of eight and ten year olds quickly became a sword factory.

Once the duels calmed down, they marched the kids to the buffet for pizza, pasta, salad (yeah, right), and desserts. They have an option to just bring pizza and drinks to the room...if we go again, I'd do this. It would be easier, faster, and they'll bring the kids whatever they want. Our collection requested the nacho pizza in addition to the standard pepperoni. I think it was just to try it.

None of them pigged out, because the games and rides were right there, calling to them. The party hosts explained about the pre-loaded game cards and the boys rushed out of the room like bulls in Pamplona.

They sampled a bit of everything, from the jump rope game to the laser room. They even got me to go on the twister ride (one of Hayden's friends didn't make the height limit). They played until the money on their cards ran out, then headed to the prize counter to cash in their winnings. The giant blow up hammer was a favorite...and so were the toy rings. Pirate treasure, perhaps?

We gathered them in the party room once more for cupcakes (Portland Baking Company was at Costco yesterday, such a win) and gifts. and then, we timed out. Which was good, because Grace was over the shenanigins.

The boys loved it, and want to go back. As soon as possible!

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Hyppster's Board said...

Nacho pizza??? Ewww!
And hide that hammer next time Steven comes over! lol