Thursday, July 28, 2011

Chef Hayden

At last year's fair, Hayden was fascinated by the competitions - photography, crafts, and cooking! He's brought it up several times, so when I noticed it was nearing time to submit entries I asked if he'd like to contribute.

He had quite a few ideas. On his list were 4 cakes, two cupcakes, muffins, bread, and 10 cookies. Wowza. We talked and decided to stick to cookies since this was his first year and it's what he thinks he's best at. He even altered the basic recipes to give them a Hayden twist.

  • Cocoa oatmeal (he doesn't like raisins, so wanted this kinda chocolate)
  • Peanut butter with Hershey chunks (he literally broke up a bar from the s'mores stash)
  • Cookies & cream chip (with Hershey's cookies & cream drops chopped up)
  • Coconut balls (think wedding cookies with coconut instead of nuts)
  • Peanut butter chip brownies (a whole bag of chips in an 8x8 pan!)
  • Shortbread...he didn't alter this one. I wasn't sure if you can change shortbread. It is what it is.
He turned them in on Sunday and took the leftovers to Grandma & Grandpa's for a taste test. Grandpa predicted the coconut balls would do the best. Bayley voted for the brownies. Grace loved the shortbread.

The fair opened today so while Miss Tina watched Grace, the boys and I snuck over to see the results. Our little baker was shocked by the results.

We discovered he won 4 blue ribbons! Plus a 2nd place ribbon, and of course, a participation ribbon. He wanted his picture taken with every entry.

Here were his results ::

1st - Shortbread, Cookies & cream chip, Peanut butter chip brownies, Cocoa oatmeal

2nd -coconut balls

Bayley was quick to point out that the kids all had their predictions for first place come true. They know their cookies!


Paula said...

What a fantastic thing to participate in! It looks like he is learning some great lessons!

Hyppster's Board said...

That is awesome! He looks so proud:)