Sunday, April 03, 2011

Hunting Chocolate

Since Miss Paula & family are running away from home, we moved up our annual egg hunt so they can explore the country without having to search out an eggy event for Abra.

While the kids explored the playroom, the momma's 'hid' the eggs. Last year a half dozen eggs were discovered in the summer, so we tried to make them as obvious as possible without simply dumping them on the lawn. The kids have a natural split - girls 5 and under, boys 6 to 9 - so we thought we'd let them be gentlemen and give the little ladies a head start. Hayden...wasn't gentlemanly. And since the other boys saw him run out, they followed in hot pursuit!

Luckily, the Freeman back yard is huge, so the kids spread out and attacked their own area. It seemed the older the kid, the more into the eggs they were.  

The kids gathered up all (we hope) of the eggs and then went inside to sort through their loot. The little ladies ignored the candy for the most part, instead focusing on the dress-up rings, pencils, and bowls of fruit on the table.

You would have thought all that sugar would have pepped the kids up...but mine passed out on the way to Grandma's!

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