Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Morning

The boynados woke early and started playing with Thomas trains. It is amazing how many toys they brought out to play with last week, while we were participating in TV Turnoff week. We opted not to observe Passover because the boys thought no TV and no grain was just too much. By Saturday Bayley declared "TV Turnoff week is worse than Passover!" I hope he remembers that next year!

Grace heard the boys...and decided parents were needed. And then, the boys realized they needed to check and see if the bunny had delivered anything for them. They bounded down the stairs to find their loot.

The good rabbit left them a few eggs...but didn't bother to count to make sure there were a number divisible by 3. Luckily, Grace didn't mind being shortchanged on Snickers. She's more of a jellybeans kind of girl.

The kids all found lamb nap sets - blankets and pillows - to make car tripps a bit more snuggly. Grace loved hers, and decided to try it out for a pretend nap.

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