Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Brunch

After our lazy morning, we all got dressed and headed to the McCauley Easter brunch. It's great to get to catch up on where everyone is - Jeff's cousins are globetrotters...one is in France, another is headed to Switzerland... This year marked the end of an era. Jeff's youngest cousin turned 13, and until now he's always been up for playing with the boys. It's sad  that he's moved so far beyond Legos, but it was bound to happen. 

Grace wasn't quite herself...which was probably due to the jellybeans and chocolate she kept eating...cute table decor, made for not so cute toddler behavior.

My laugh of the morning was when my boys plopped themselves at the grown-ups table. Anything to keep away from their sister. And when Kelsey's birthday cake came out? Hayden had to move closer to the cake!

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