Friday, April 08, 2011

Grandpa Bill's 66th!

The kiddos had to stay home for Grandpa Bill's birthday dinner. It was nearly their bedtime, and Nostrana isn't the kind of Italian place with mac & cheese or a kids menu. Besides, we'll do a birthday dinner again on Sunday where they can eat with their shirts off (as two-thirds of them tend to do).

We started with appetizers - delicious crostini with fresh cheese and prociutto, delicate gnocchi with tomato butter sauce & gorgonzola dolce sauce, and the mystery platter...okay, so everything was identifiable, but I needed the menu to serve as a decoder ring for the ham, braciole, smoked duck, and pimento cheese. True to my southern DNA, I smeared the pimento cheese on bread.

Jeff ordered a pizza from their wood burning oven, I opted for speck wrapped halibut. And then I came home and googled speck because I wasn't sure what it was (ham, BTW).

I had a delightful lemon cocktail - preseco, vodka & limoncello - while Jeff opted for beer. Anyone shocked? Didn't think so :)

The food was wonderful and our server obviously loves her job. According to Jeff, the service wasn't speedy, but we were a big, chatty bunch. I hadn't managed to see Staci since the baby announcement, plus her mom was in town and she's always such fun. Add in his brother's stint on the news (he went skiing earlier in the day with his helmet cam, and he did a sommersault instead of skiing, so they ran that. Must find a link) and we never ran out of things to talk about. I hope Grandpa Bill had as much fun at his party as I did!

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