Saturday, December 18, 2010


Today's Santa calendar activity was getting Happy Meals and driving around to look at the lights. The boys were looking forward to it...but then I realized this might be our only chance to do ZooLights. We missed them last year because of the snow, so I wanted to make sure to get them in. We compromised with the boys -- ZooLights, out to dinner, look at lights on our way home. Everyone made out better in this deal.

We thought we were slick by getting to the zoo by 5...but there was a sea of people slicker than us. This wasn't our first rodeo, so we got tickets at the gate and headed for the train. The line for the 15 minute train ride wasn't too bad...just over 30 minutes. But by the time we got off the train? We guessed it would take almost 2 hours to get through.

The train ride around the zoo is worth the wait. The kids really enjoy it. We managed to get a double seat car all to ourselves, which gave Grace lots of room to roam. She really seemed to enjoy it, and the boys didn't want to miss a thing. They kept yelling things like "elephants off the starboard bow" or "bats on the port side". I think they may have watched too much Deadliest Catch last season.
As usual, Hayden accosted every mascot-type we came across. Not a lion or bear or cow was spared. I we have a future Puddles in the family?

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Courtney Bayley said...

Love the pic of Gracie and Jeff!! Too cute.